6 Tips to Distinguish Fake Nintendo DSi LL(XL) vs Clone Ones

Published: 07th January 2010
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Here are 6 major differences between the fake Nintendo DSi ll and original ones. Please do follow me and learn them one by one.

1)The shell.
The fake one is totally similar to the original one. You can not tell it from the real ones by looking from outside. But if you

disassemble it, you will find that there are many interior raw edges. Look at the following picture:
The white one is the fake one.

2)The power button and the Volume button.
The power button and the Volume button of the Nintendo dsi ll clone is very tight.

It is a little rough. The juncture of lower screen and shell touches very tightly. The slot-1 hole is very tight and it is

difficult for original cards to spring out.

There is a hard hand-feel, especially the KEY X and KEY A. The sensitivity of its lower screen is very low. You need to push hard.

5)The Back Cover.
The type style is US version. The serial number is Taiwan version. The batteries are high-replica and straight ones and the touch

pen is very soft.

6)The batteries.
Almost every one can learn that the batteries of the fake Nintendo dsi ll are domestically made (made in China).

To sum up, these kind of Nintendo dsi ll console can be available for you to play about several months.

Source: www.ishopvideogame.com

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