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Published: 13th January 2010
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1)R4DS: Latest official firmware - 1.18 2008-04-24 Latest unofficial firmware by R4li - R4 v1.24 YSMenu Moonshell2 for R4 by FairyWings Moonlight V1.02 R4 Version

2)R4i Upgrade: YSMenu R4iUpgrade - Latest one I recommend to use YSMenu

3)R4i SDHC(Red Box): Latest Official Firmware - v1.11 YSMenu Latest Official Beta Firmware I recommend to use YSMenu

4)HyperR4i: Official Firmware - v1.54RC YSmenu(Not sure if you can use it though).

5)R4i RTS(M3 Team Made): Official Firmware - V2.2

6)Gold R4i( R4i Gold ): Official firmware- v1.30 | YSMenu

7)R4-III SDHC: Official Firmware - v3.07

8)R4i Ultra: Official Firmware-1.55 | YSmenu | AKAIO - 1.4.1

9)R4 Pro/R4i Pro: Official Firmware - v1.50 2008.11.05 Official Firmware for R4iPro - V1.27 YSMenu

10)R4SDHC/R4iSDHC: Official Firmware for R4SDHC - R4 SDHC v1.27 Official Firmware for R4iSDHC YSMenu

11)R4i: Official Firmware for R4i - R4i v1.30

Attention Please:

All the firmwares that I posted up are the English version!

If your R4 is a R4 Clone than YSmenu and Moonshell2 for R4 will definitely work for you. If your R4 is a Acekard clone than only YSmenu will work for it. If your R4 is a DSTT clone than YSmenu and Moonshell2 for DSTT will work for it.

Learn more information, please click here.

People pretend to install YSmenu on the R4 cards for advantages below that YSmenu will bring them.

1. R4 firmware is too outdated. Recently, There're only a few groups that have started working on the r4 firmware, but r4 firmware still looks pale in comparison to the ysmenu firmware.
2. There is the native support of the EZ 3in1 (all current models) so that you don't need to use 3rd party loaders.
3. Ysmenu is actually updated every few weeks or so.
4. YSmenu can delete files, and you don't need to take your sd card out of your r4 and into your computer only to delete something.
However, you should keep in mind that there're still some r4 clones that ysmenu can not work on.

The r4 clones that ysmenu can not work on are as follows: 1. R4 Neo. 2. R4 SDHC. 3. R4i Pro Gold.

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